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Main » 2008 » April » 15 » Little Fighter - Updated [04/15/08]
Little Fighter - Updated [04/15/08]
1:46 PM
We have added a new LF2 MOD; Bleach: Shattering of Blades. It's still in beta stage, anyway go to Little Fighter Modifications and look for it to download.

Click here to download: Bleach: Shattering of Blades

We'll add character soon, as we find a new hosting website.
Views: 2284 | Added by: Eduarpack | Rating: 1.7/3 |
Total comments: 8
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8 unkwonfire   (2008-12-05 0:49 AM)
hey any1 knows wad is the bleach code for firzen ,bat ,shadow reaper ,ryukia and mre

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7 LorDz   (2008-10-20 5:30 AM)
hw to do all the bankai moves and hw to unlock all characters?hope 4 quick reply

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6 Black&White   (2008-05-26 2:53 PM)
its a nice game but not much players...
have lot of bugs maybe some one know when the new version of the game will be done i very want to play this
Grate jobe whit the naruto game i hope bleach will be like that

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5 jamaal   (2008-05-23 12:14 PM)
ill try to send to you somehow

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4 jamaal   (2008-05-23 12:13 PM)
hey shadowchow the internet at my house is down cuz a storm and i cant git on email at school but the game is finished

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3 0955interactive   (2008-05-07 6:16 AM)

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2 Eduarpack   (2008-05-02 3:26 PM)
Try asking at the forums.

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1 ShadowChow   (2008-05-02 1:29 PM)
I am the creator of this mod and i was wondering does anyone want to code because we are in need of a coder if you want proff that i own this game add me at and i will show you also we are on version 1.1 with more characters and things thansk

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