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We have added a new LF2 MOD; Bleach: Shattering of Blades. It's still in beta stage, anyway go to Little Fighter Modifications and look for it to download.

Click here to download: Bleach: Shattering of Blades

We'll add character soon, as we find a new hosting website.
Views: 2278 | Added by: Eduarpack | Date: 2008-04-15 | Comments (8)

I don't know what happened but apparently characters, backgrounds, weapons and tools has been deleted. We will have to upload everything again :(. You can download LF2 MODs since they weren't hosted on the same web hosting.

I disabled the menu until i have upload them.
Views: 851 | Added by: Eduarpack | Date: 2008-04-09 | Comments (2)

Hamachi servers have been reseted so others can join, i'll reset them every month.
Views: 862 | Added by: Eduarpack | Date: 2008-03-30 | Comments (3)

*The download link for Little Fighter Online is working, 1.4 GB. - Click here to download

*Added Little Fighter 4 Turbo - Click here to download

*Added LF2 Advanced - Click here to download

*Added LF2 Nintendo vs Sega - Click here to download

It may take a lot to start downloading Little Fighter Online since the download location is TW. Anyway, i recommend a Download Manager so it speeds up the download.
Views: 1305 | Added by: Eduarpack | Date: 2008-03-14 | Comments (2)

The following update has been done to Little Fighter:

*Added around 15 characters, like 5 of them are from Dragon Ball Z
*Added LF2 Hamachi servers, hamachi is used to play lf2 online with others. Click here to read how to play online with others

Please introduce yourself at the forums:
Click to go to our forums.
Views: 1694 | Added by: Eduarpack | Date: 2008-03-01 | Comments (7)

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