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Added Naruto Battle Arena 2 on M.U.G.E.N Versions section. Click here to download

Views: 899 | Added by: Eduarpack | Date: 2008-02-06 | Comments (4)

I have updated "Little Fighter Modifications" with a new version of Naruto: The Setting Dawn. This version of NTSD comes with the following updates:

-increased time limit to naruto's clones
-fixed sharingan with gaara's sand blast glitch
-fixed another one of gaara's desert coffin bugs
-changed naruto's rasenshuriken a bit
-increased mp cost for sakura's heal
-decreased damage for itachi's slash
-decreased damage for sasori's iron sand
-added alpha CS2 Sasuke
-added kiba
-added alpha trees
-added alpha rock trap
-added maxamize button
-cheats work in stage mode (ex. F6, F7)

Views: 2485 | Added by: Eduarpack | Date: 2008-02-06 | Comments (7)

How to insert your YouTube video here:

You can add your own YouTube videos on the Section: YouTube Previews. You need to paste the embed code which is located on the video around here:

Views: 901 | Added by: Eduarpack | Date: 2008-02-05 | Comments (2)

We have added around 29 stages to the Mugen section. There's some tutorials you may want to see if you don't know how to add so head up to the Mugen Tutorial section located at the right side of our website.
Views: 2529 | Added by: Eduarpack | Date: 2008-02-05 | Comments (3)

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