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    Forum moderator: Armormew  
    LF2CHARACTER - Forum » Gaming Zone » Little Fighter 2 » character download (i need help plz)
    character download
    masterquatikDate: Friday, 2008-08-01, 9:14 PM | Message # 1
    Group: Members
    Messages: 277
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    how do u add characters to lf2 plz tell me how
    ArmormewDate: Friday, 2008-08-01, 9:20 PM | Message # 2
    Group: Blocked
    Messages: 66
    Reputation: 14
    Just put the data files in the data folder and the sprites in the sprites folder. Add a line in the file data.txt something like id: 0 type: 0 file: data\yourcharactername.dat in the area near the other characters.
    Load your game .exe and it should load the character.

    masterquatikDate: Friday, 2008-08-01, 9:56 PM | Message # 3
    Group: Members
    Messages: 277
    Reputation: 16
    can u break that down or make a vid srry im only 13
    ArmormewDate: Friday, 2008-08-01, 10:02 PM | Message # 4
    Group: Blocked
    Messages: 66
    Reputation: 14
    Here are two guides. One is by our admin Eduarpack. biggrin The second one is by Marshall of LFE for LF2 V 1.9, but you can get the idea of how to add your character.
    Guide from http://lf2characterx.lf.funpic.de/LF2CHARACTER.tk%20 (HOWTOADDLF2).txt

    To my knowledge there are 2 ways to put an LF2 character (If there is any other post or PM me (Eduarpack & i'll put it here)

    1st way

    This is the most used way to add an LF2 character & the easiest way too.

    1- Open up your downloaded character.

    2- Add all the sprites from the downloaded character (.bmp pictures) to \sprite\sys in your lf2 directory.

    3- Add all the data files from the downloaded character (.dat files) to \data in your lf2 directory.

    4- In your downloaded character you should see a data txt, most of the time named ( data.txt ) drag it
    out to the \data in your lf2 directory.

    5- Run the game and play

    Note: If there isn't any data text in your downloaded character you can look for the ID in there data files. Ex: woody.dat (Open with data changer) look for the ball attack ( Ball attack ) look for the word oid
    and it should appear something like oid: 230 (it's not 230 in every character's data) copy the number, go to the data.txt at \data directory and open it put for ex: (id: 230 type: 1 file: data\ballattack.dat). The oid must be different to the others or you will do the other character attack.

    2nd way

    This not used most of the time, but it's more organized.

    1- Open your downloaded character

    2- The character data.txt files wants it to be loaded at the LF2 directory.

    3- Drag the folder from the downloaded character and put it into the LF2 directory.

    4- Copy and paste the data.txt into the \data in the lf2 directory.

    5- Run the game and play.

    Before you do any of that, you should always check for a readme to see if there's any special ways of installation

    Second Guide:

    LF2 Custom Character Installation
    To install a new character, the most important thing you need to do after checking the zip file is to look at the readme which most decent authors should add.

    1st step:
    Follow this treasure map and you shall find what u seek. C:\ => Program File => LittleFighter2 => LF2_v1.9c => Sprite => sys
    Put all the .bmp files of the new character in there (the folder sys)

    2nd step:
    go to C:\ => Program File => LittleFighter2 => LF2_v1.9c => data
    put all the .dat files (and .wav files if there are any) into the folder (data)

    3rd step:
    open data.txt and add sth along the lines of
    id: ?? type: ? file:data\???.dat
    id: ??? type: ? file:data\???.dat
    as in the readme which you can copy from * u should add them between and which you can see in data.txt

    4th step:
    save the changes to data.txt u hv made and play ur new character

    ** Special case:
    some characters do not work in the same way when installing (maybe the author wants to confuse noobs ) look at the lines of id you r required to add. eg Havoc creator's Tiger

    id: 500 type: 0 file: data\Tiger\Tiger.dat

    the words in red actually tells you that where the .dat files are supposed to be, so all you hv to do is to create a folder called 'tiger' in the 'data' folder.

    Don't change the ids in data.txt when installing custom characters! Make sure they don't have the same ids as the other custom characters as well! Or else you will either create shadows or using some else's move...

    masterquatikDate: Saturday, 2008-08-02, 0:17 AM | Message # 5
    Group: Members
    Messages: 277
    Reputation: 16
    thank u so much i owe u 1

    Added (2008-08-02, 0:17 Am)
    ok srry again but i tried it and it didnt work can u explain it with less high tech words again srry to be a bother

    Neccko123Date: Monday, 2008-08-04, 3:23 PM | Message # 6
    Group: Members
    Messages: 35
    Reputation: 0
    Ok listen
    download a Character in it
    it will tell you what to add and where
    all the pictures like example
    Naruto.Bmp go Here \sprite\sys
    and the other ones that end with .dat
    example Sasuke.dat go to \data
    now in the folder of the character you should see a
    text file data.txt or something like that
    now find data.txt in your \Data directory
    and just copy from the Other one

    It doesnt Get Simpler than this
    and also armormew i took some of this from your post
    please dont be mad i just shortened it

    Added (2008-08-04, 3:23 Pm)
    Oh and also im 14 now but i learned to add LF2 Characters when i was 11
    its pretty easy just concentrate

    masterquatikDate: Monday, 2008-08-04, 5:08 PM | Message # 7
    Group: Members
    Messages: 277
    Reputation: 16
    damn only 11 u learned ur smart and do u no how to use the data changer for ntsd it always says i gotta do it manually
    palisz93Date: Friday, 2008-08-29, 0:35 AM | Message # 8
    Group: Members
    Messages: 173
    Reputation: 8
    Because of that I always say it would be better doing it by my own. happy

    by Amn_12
    LF2CHARACTER - Forum » Gaming Zone » Little Fighter 2 » character download (i need help plz)
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