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9 janigga   (2008-06-03 7:52 PM)
Man on life support after Moreno Valley drive-by shooting

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10:00 PM PDT on Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

Fresh tire tracks and a bloodstained curb mark the spot where a Moreno Valley man's car came to a stop after a drive-by shooting early Tuesday.

Phillip Woods, 25, was on life support after he was shot in the head near Iris Avenue and Kitching Street shortly after midnight in Moreno Valley, Riverside County sheriff's Central Homicide Sgt. Brandon Ford said.

Police said a gunman from a passing car likely opened fire. Woods' Chevrolet Caprice screeched to a stop against a tree at nearby La Fortuna Lane.

When police arrived, they found him bleeding but still alive. He was taken to a hospital, but not expected to survive, Ford said.

It's still unclear what provoked the shooting, which occurred as Woods was headed east, Ford said.

"It's hard to say the sequence of events, but it looks like the shooting and the screeching of the tires were so close in time to each other," Ford said.

Police canvassed the nearby neighborhoods off Iris Avenue, searching for any witnesses to the shooting.

No suspects have been identified.

"This could have been a motivated encounter or simple road rage, but right now we don't know," Ford said. "We'd love for someone to come forward so we can best spend our resources."

Detectives closed Iris Avenue between Kitching and La Salle Avenue overnight before the car was towed.

The street was reopened by midmorning.

Several friends and relatives gathered at the crash site Tuesday morning among the debris from a shattered headlight. Little damage was done to Woods' car as it came to rest against the tree.

Neighbors reported hearing gunshots nearby and then seeing the blue-and-white Caprice on the grass of the curb with its wheels spinning.

The shooting is a block away from the intersection where 10-year-old Christopher Fields was killed during a car-to-car shooting, two days before Christmas in 2006.

Gregory Ford Lymoel is charged with murder and now faces the death penalty if convicted. Police said the shootings appear to be unrelated.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Investigator Jim Campos at 760-393-3500 or Investigator John Lenton at 951-486-6800.

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8 janigga   (2008-06-03 7:50 PM)
m leaves a Moreno Valley house red-tagged, others badly damaged

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10:00 PM PDT on Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

Video: Moreno Valley homeowners tour their rain-soaked home

MORENO VALLEY - Jim MacMillan was at work when one of his daughters called to say that rain was leaking through the ceiling of their house.

He dashed home from his job at the Moreno Valley Unified School District and set about trying to catch water in buckets. Then he heard his daughter scream in the next room: a portion of the rain-soaked ceiling had fallen in on top of her.

"Every 15 minutes (after that), you heard a 'boom' and another part of the ceiling falling in," MacMillan recalled Thursday.
Story continues below
Amanda Lucidon/The Press-Enterprise
The freak late spring storm last week badly damaged homes in northeastern Moreno Valley. John and Cathie Middleton found the ceiling in their home collapsed in several rooms, electrical fixtures sparking and the family room flooded. City inspectors declared their house unsafe to occupy.

The late spring storm on May 22 spawned two tornadoes, dumped pea-sized hail and flooded some streets, and now the city is reporting that the storm badly damaged homes in rural northeastern Moreno Valley.

City building and safety inspectors declared one home unsafe to occupy and another damaged; three other homes possibly are damaged but inspectors have not yet visited them, city spokeswoman Angela Rushen said by phone.

John and Cathie Middleton were visiting her mother in Woodcrest May 22 when they got a call from their alarm company that a motion detector had gone off at their Morrey Lane home. They returned to find the ceiling collapsed in several rooms, sodden insulation scattered, electrical fixtures sparking and the family room flooded to a depth of about 5 inches.

"There was just water everywhere," Cathie Middleton recalled.

As a home built in the late 1970s, the house did not have sheeting under the tile roof, John Middleton said.

City inspectors say they believe that wind-driven rain got beneath the roof tiles and saturated the insulation and drywall until the ceilings finally collapsed, Rushen said.

Larry Andrews, who lives across the street from the Middletons and whose ceiling also collapsed in some rooms, said he had started taking pictures during the downpour because he had never seen such a storm before.

"The rain and hail was so heavy, you couldn't hardly see over here," Andrews said outside the Middletons' home.

The inspectors declared the Middletons' home unsafe to occupy. In addition to the ceiling, the electrical system was damaged, Rushen said.
Story continues below

City Councilman Frank West, Fire Chief John Clark and other city officials visited Thursday with the Middletons and other homeowners affected by last week's storm. City officials will provide the homeowners with inspection reports to help them process insurance claims, Rushen said.

The Middletons have stayed in a hotel through the assistance of the American Red Cross' Riverside County chapter. The Red Cross is assisting three families from the neighborhood who were displaced by storm damage, chapter Chief Executive Officer Pam Anderson said by phone.

The Middletons had just finished remodeling their home, but now work crews are cleaning up the home as a prelude to the more extensive repairs that could take up to six months.

"All the drywall in the house had been saturated and has to come out," John Middleton said. "They're going to take down the house to the shell and start over."

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7 janigga   (2008-06-03 7:50 PM)
Moreno Valley check-cashing store employee stabbed, robbed

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10:00 PM PDT on Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

An employee of a check-cashing business in the 24400 block of Sunnymead Blvd. in Moreno Valley was stabbed Thursday morning and the business robbed, a Riverside County sheriff's sergeant said in a telephone interview.

The woman was opening Eagles Check Cashing when a man came up to her and stabbed her six times in the torso and arms, Sgt. Jaime Briones said.

The man walked into the business, opened the safe and robbed the store, Briones said.

He then fled, and the woman called authorities at 8:58 a.m., Briones said.

The woman was taken to a hospital and is expected to survive but may need surgery, Briones said.

He would not release the name of the victim for her protection.

The suspect is described as a black man in his 20s, 6 feet tall and about 185 to 190 pounds. He wore a gray sweatshirt with a hood up and a white bandana over his face, Briones said.

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6 janigga   (2008-06-03 7:49 PM)
Moreno Valley seeks new source after failing to win money to synchronize traffic lights

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10:00 PM PDT on Friday, May 30, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

The city of Moreno Valley is looking for new funding sources after a state commission turned down the city's request for more than $7.4 million to synchronize traffic signals.

City officials had applied for Prop. 1B funding from the California Transportation Commission to synchronize signals at 102 intersections and create a traffic management center. The signal synchronization would ensure the smooth flow of traffic and reduce backups at intersections.

The commission awarded $98 million for 62 signal synchronization projects statewide this week, but Moreno Valley was one of 55 projects that did not receive funding, according to city officials.

"It was a very competitive process," city Public Works Director Chris Vogt said by phone.

The projects were evaluated for how quickly construction could begin, how effective the projects would be, how much in emissions they would reduce, and how much the local agencies were willing to contribute financially.

Winners, Losers

Some cities and transportation agencies were more successful than others. For example, the city of Pasadena won $789,000 for eight different projects, while San Mateo County applied for and won $10 million.

Moreno Valley had sought to synchronize traffic signals along portions of Alessandro Boulevard, Cactus Avenue, Frederick Street, Heacock Street, Ironwood Avenue, Lasselle Street and Perris and Sunnymead boulevards.

The traffic signals would have cameras and equipment to receive a transmission from a traffic management center, where city officials could synchronize the signals. But state officials didn't rate the project highly.

Russ Chittenden, Caltrans' Prop. 1B program manager, said it appeared that Moreno Valley's project would not create as much benefit as other cities' proposals. Chittenden was not part of the panel that reviewed Moreno Valley's application.

Moreno Valley also did not contribute enough money, he said. Cities and counties that won state funding had pledged to pay at least 35 percent of their projects' costs on average -- more than double Moreno Valley's contribution, Chittenden said.

The $98 million was the only portion of Prop. 1B money dedicated to traffic signal synchronization. But Chittenden said there are other dollars that could be used for synchronization.

Michael Geller, campaign treasurer for the Moreno Valley Taxpayers Association, criticized city officials' inability to obtain state funding, saying that they also have failed to win any state bond money for library construction. Moreno Valley residents are paying for those bond measures, he said.

"We deserve our fair share, and no one seems to be held accountable," Geller said by phone.

Councilmen Targeted

Geller's campaign committee is targeting Councilmen Charles White and Frank West in this November's election. Geller sent an e-mail to voters in White's and West's districts, criticizing the city's failure to obtain state funding.

West defended city officials' efforts, saying that they had taken the initiative to apply for the money and understood the process. Other agencies, including Riverside County and La Quinta, did not get funding, he said.

If politics played a part in the selection process, then Moreno Valley needs to step up its lobbying and legislative efforts, as well as increasing the city's clout by getting more residents to register to vote, he said by phone.

White said there was little city officials could do after the fact, having complied with the application process.

"I think Mike Geller is just whistling Dixie, trying to make a bad scene where there isn't one," White said by phone.

Vogt said the city has received millions of dollars in Prop. 1B funding for pavement repair, new traffic signals and to repair or replace bridges.

The city still plans to move ahead with the traffic synchronization project, but is now looking for different funding sources, he said.

"We're going to pursue other grants and opportunities, including federal funding," Vogt said.

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5 janigga   (2008-06-03 7:49 PM)
Moreno Valley bank customers chase, capture robber

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10:22 AM PDT on Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Press-Enterprise

Two customers foiled a bank robber after chasing him down in Moreno Valley.

A man entered the Bank of America in the 25900 block of Iris Avenue shortly after 1 p.m. and handed a teller a note demanding cash, Moreno Valley police Sgt. Ken Paulson said.

While the clerk was reading the note, the unarmed man grew impatient and started yelling for the teller to give him $100 bills, Paulson said.

As the man ran from the bank, two customers chased him, heading west on Iris Avenue, Paulson said. Herbert Shepherd and Damon Spicer drove down Iris looking for the bank robber, who ducked down a street, Paulson said.

The man was spotted a few blocks away on Pacato Road where the two bank customers turned their car in front of him to stop his escape, Paulson said.

When the man fled down Padre Court, the two bank customers left their car and chased after him. The two men caught up with the suspect and held him until officers arrived within minutes, Paulson said.

"We just left to find him. I don't know why we did it. It was just spur of the moment," Shepherd said. "We knew he had no weapons."

Police said while they appreciated the customers' effort, they discourage anyone from becoming involved in a pursuit of any criminal suspect. "We don't encourage it," Paulson said. "It could have been very different circumstances and pursuing suspects is unnecessarily dangerous."

Police arrested J.R. Cornelius, 59, of Moreno Valley on suspicion of robbery. Officers found a large amount of money hidden nearby, Paulson said.

Police closed the bank for most of the afternoon as Moreno Valley detectives and FBI agents investigated the robbery. The FBI routinely investigates such robberies since the banks are federally insured.

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4 jamaal   (2008-05-16 12:50 PM)

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3 chainlink_numba2   (2008-05-12 1:33 AM)

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2 chainlink_numba2   (2008-05-12 1:32 AM)
chris browntake you down video bitcheees
thats dirty

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1 chainlink_numba2   (2008-05-12 1:31 AM)

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